Pam Glennie

Pam Glennie

Pam was born in Ayrshire on the scenic West Coast of Scotland and she graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1986. Her work extends to both Fine Art, in the form of highly coloured 'pure pastel' paintings, and Textile Design, in which she uses 'digital freehand' to create colourful, painterly effects on fabric.

Most of Pam's work has been influenced by the strong colourist tradition in Scottish and French Painting, but she continues to seek a fresh modern approach, one which respects traditional drawing and painting methods, whilst offering something fresh and individual.

"I love working with Artists' Soft Pastels, they seem to suit my gestural and intuitive style where I am constantly searching for colour harmony, intensity and expression. I love the feeling for working in what I call 'freestyle mode' , or 'flow' as it is known, and if I give myself permission to 'play' that keeps my work feeling fresh and  presents a few surprises along the way. Hopefully the result is joyous and uplifting.'


pam glennie

Pam's vibrant and optimistic Fine Art paintings are now sought after by private collectors throughout the UK and abroad and her unique Textile Design work continues to flourish.


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